Sunday, 12 June 2011

                                       对不起                                                           对不起 
                              对不起      对不起       对不起     对不起 
对不起     对不起  对不起             对不起 
   对不起   对不起    对不起 对不起 
      对不起              对不起        对不起               对不起 
          对不起            对不起对不起           对不起 
       对不起                    对不起 
     对不起              对不起 
     对不起               对不起 
     对不起               对不起 
      对不起                                                    对不起 
对不起     原谅,好吗?       对不起                      对不起                                      对不起 
   对不起                   对不起 
     对不起  To;黄钿议         对不起 
       对不起 From:冯圣翔                        对不起 
          对不起                        对不起 
     对不起                    对不起 
       对不起                  对不起 
          对不起                        对不起 
             对不起                      对不起 
        对不起                    对不起 
            对不起                          对不起 
             对不起                       对不起 
        对不起                     对不起 
           对不起                          对不起
              对不起                对不起
          对不起              对不起
             对不起                                   对不起
                 对不起                                   对不起
                    对不起      对不起
              对不起                       对不起
                  对不起               对不起
                      对不起        对不起

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Laopo~Good Night~ Heart You~

不是故意按end call的..

所以才选择end call..



当时又看到 Bong Cha Cha..

一事有点气..因为用的是Wu lala..

因为就这样end call..
没能听见end call前对说的,..

没给一个Big Big Kiss..





Saturday, 4 June 2011

Nothing to do~ =D

Whaaa! Today SO BORING! Don't what to do.. haihhss...

Today 8.33am i had wake up.. I though my Laopo got online, who know, No Online! That time i was thinking, "izzit her had went to work..mayb lur.." Then i went back to my bed, lie for 5minute then sleep back le~~(zZz)

I duno what is the time but i think is around 11am something, got something wake me up.. And i dream my Laopo

In the dream, i open my eye, i saw a girl sitting beside my bed. At first i though is my mama, but her body size is small..short hair and the voice are sound like...TianYi!! 

In the real world, i open my pair of eye after dream my Darling! At that time, i still blur.. then i look to my right, i saw my lappy, then i know i wan to do what le~

I switch on my lappy, after switch on, i click google chrome, then i type facebook.. and see whether my Darling got online ornot! OH MY GOD!! Darling online! my 1st respond was so Damn Happy! And she also very happy ~~ <3

But she was using the old computer at her mummy's factory.. and keep on dc.. T^T
Nevermind, can chat with TianYi, i already very happy! <3

Wong TianYi = Flower In My Heart

After chat for 30min, she need to went to work..T^T
Bo choice lur, because her mama Big all de(read in chinese).

After she had off,i also start playing my Cute Game! >> Maplestory

Don't Think I'm Childish =D

While playing maple.. I keep on missing and thinking izzit my darling tired.. 
Do her got drink a lot a lot water? 
Do her got Eat baobao?
Do her din kapzai!? 

@@ ~Worry~ @@

Today, my parents went to Johor! Is time to party in the night! Wakakkaa! <3
2.30pm, the Tm poeple come my house help me install the unifi things.. their had taken1 hour to finish and teach me how to use the tv.. ( like i duno only)

And now, 6.59pm, i'm writing my blog, later i go da bao dinner for my sister.. my brother still not yet back home, so i think he will eat himself ba..

And last.. Darling, after back home.. call me arh~ <3
I had missed ur voice half day..
And now.. i'm still missing you.. TvT
After back home remember bath ar, if not i help you bath~ =)



Wednesday, 1 June 2011


 Laopo Arh Laopo <3
Tian Yi Arh Tian Yi <3

Darling Arh Darling <3





OH MY GOD! When you told me your baba wan cut the modem line! I was shock and scare! Scare i cannot chat with you anymore..因为你没有手机..








Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sowii Make You Cry..

Yesterday, don't know why suddenly i so moody.. Feel so lonely.. Keep on Emo.. Keep on let my darling worry me..

At the moment, i keep on calm down myself, i hope i can chill and chat happily with my darling.. But... I cant..

 I need to calm down myself  because i'm not female... Because female 1 month come 1 time.. Dun tell me i everyday come? And it's impossible! I'm male! i should be more kind and understanding my darling's feeling.. 

I shouldn't make you cry..
I don't like you cry..
I shouldn't make you So worry me..
I like you be my happy fruit in my heart.. <3

I promise u!
I wont let u cry anymore!
I also will listen to you!
I Love You!
Wong TianYi!

I Wish You BE On My Side <3

FROM Pang Shen Xiang.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


Yesterday Gym, then today weeding.. Feel myself so strong, 太强哪哪~~
但是到最后,我还是continue睡.没办法,my style~

除草应该不用多说吧, just take hoe, hold tight, hit to the ground softly, pull out all the grass and move away the withered grass to other side..但是,虽然是很少,但是我还是觉得很很很累..做15分钟,坐30分钟..哈哈~

Around 2.30pm, my mum bring food to us~~ <3
So happy got food because im so hungry!! Because Morning i just drunk a cup of milk only! Dont scold me ar Laopo~ <3

After going to finish weeding, i saw got 虫虫做爱!!

Cant See Clearly?? See the second wan~

Still cant see clear?? Dun worry, still got the big big wan~

Haha, interesting lehh~~

And my hardworking brother weeding grass!

Before 3pm, v had weed as the picture below! Although is small land ..--

Around 4pm, v go home and rest.. 
Rest rest rest.. Until 5pm, i feel very hungry, then i call wenyi compnay go eat, ofcoz, got wenyi suree got caiying. Before fetch cai ying, i return my friend's USB at maluri, when i reach his house, then i only remember that he told me he at outside, Mcd!

After sent, i go fetch cai ying go maju ahmad lim tehh. When lim tehh, i saw ah Xun and kok son, but i just said hi only, because nothing to say @@
After finish lim tehh, then i sent my friend back home and the store. But Before that, my friend, wenyi saw a burger stalk beside the road, she wan to eat, so i stop my car on the side road. When i try to park on the side road, i dun realize that between the road and the soil land are deep! Then " bieeekekk", my heart also "plankkk".. My sister car lehh, diao liao diao liao! Luckily nothing happened! Dont have any deep scars!

While waiting the burger i alone in car. And i also call my darling.TianYi. But she bathing, so her mum pick phone. Haha, her mum so gao xiu, dun wan let u all know. Haha~ =D

After called, i so lonely and missing my TianYi..
Then i also take out my phone, snap snap, perasan a while.. 

and This wan~

After 15min, they finish dy.. then a call to wenyi from her mummy, said wan burger, then i wait again..
This time is 5min, then i send then back.

Hahal, and hor, today i eat a lot, when lim tehh with my friends, i ate maggie goreng. When they buy burger, i also buy burger to eat. At home, my mum got cook, i also eat! Hahak, suddenly so panai eat liao~ <3

After eat, waiting my Cutee loupo online, wait arh wait, wait arh wait... Around 12.30am.. Finally my Laopo online! OH My Tianyi, i so happy when i saw u online.. And now skyping <3

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Today Is Thursday !

Haha, as usual lor, morning go to class at KDU... Today CM( Computing Math) quite good, coz it make me do back Form 4 Add Math.. Chapter 2.. Erm... Quite easy lar, not bad not bad ~~ =D

AS Usual again, lunch is chicken rice again, then snooker.. haihh.. Always makan chicken rice, mayb future i will become chicken and let ppl eat ~~ hahak ~ =D

But! Today CF(Computing Fundamentals) class! My friend, Eric, keep on laugh on my fb profile picture.. dengss.. He laugh nevermind, he also make all of my friend laugh and me too -- ... Cause the face when he laughing is Funny ! haha! i got record, jux on my profile video~ Hope u guys enjoy watching~~ =D

Haha, laugh lar, laugh more a bit ~~ xD

After class, feel so boring.. Nothing to do.. Then i go to my dad's company, see got any new car traded in or which car suit me with my friend, Danny. At there for 15minutes, my dad called me bring car back from Old Klang Road( if i not taken wrong). Haha, i was soooooooooooooooooo Happy when he called me go take cars! Because i like to drive.. for now lar, nex time i not sure, cause a lot people say after drive for long time dy, then will feel bored! I hope i wont feel bored lur, cause i will wan to bring my lovely darling go gai gai~~<3

It taken 30minutes to reach our destination, i though i can drive any Speedy car but... I just only saw... PERADUO KEMBARA... so sad~~ TT

And is manual soimemore.. Haha, when driving manual, i so gan chiong! But is okayy for me~~

On the road, i had miss fire 8 time.. but luckily din bang others cars.. if not want to pay to the car onwer.. Too pro~~ ^O^

After drive kembara, i also ask my dad buy a manual car for me ! YAY! I love manual cars! =D